remember, you are not alone

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Contact us anytime on one of the following hotline numbers. These numbers include linkage to language-line interpreting services for non-English speaking callers.

  • 423-764-ABUSE (2287)
  • 1-800-987-6499
  • 423-652-9750 (TTY/Hearing Impaired)

Emotional Abuse Can Include:

  • Constant Criticism
  • Manipulation Through Threats
  • Humiliation
  • Name-Calling
  • Embarrassment
  • Mind Games
  • Isolation
  • Cutting Off Support Systems
  • Controlling Your Money
  • Captivity
  • Brainwashing
  • The Silent Treatment
  • Ignoring Your Feelings

domestic violence

So... is domestic violence just hitting?

No. Abuse is abuse.

Emotional abuse can be a major part of domestic violence. Emotional abuse usually involves an abuser constantly doing or saying things to shame, insult, tease, embarrass, belittle, or mentally hurt and isolate another person.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is the use of threat of force by a member of a family or household, boyfriend or girlfriend, member from a former relationship, or other relative against another member of the same family or household. The goal of domestic violence is domination and control.

Why do I stay?

You may feel that you have to stay in an abusive relationship because of your family or community. You might try to change your behavior to keep from being abused, but that may not always work. You might have any one of dozens of reasons for staying... including that you still love this person.

what can I do?

  • Know that the abuse is not your fault. No one deserves to be abused emotionally or in any other way.
  • Find support. Talk to others who you think will listen. If it is safe to do so, talk to family, friends, religious leaders, counselors, or other members of your community.
  • Contact Abuse Alternatives, Inc. Domestic violence includes more than just physical violence. Abuse Alternatives, Inc. can offer individual help and also put you in touch with support groups.