remember, you are not alone

  • 423-652-9093

Contact us anytime on one of the following hotline numbers. These numbers include linkage to language-line interpreting services for non-English speaking callers.

  • 423-764-ABUSE (2287)
  • 1-800-987-6499
  • 423-652-9750 (TTY/Hearing Impaired)

Our Board Members

Angie Dixon
Board of Directors

Cassandra Morelock
Board of Directors

Channing Thomas
Board of Directors

Danianese "Dani" Woods
Board of Directors

David Richards
Board of Directors-Treasurer

Gary Bagnall
Board of DIrectors-Secretary

J. Steve Scyphers
Board of Directors-President

Luke Taylor
Board of Directors

Nedra Hartley
Board of Directors

Rose Ann Jenny
Board of Directors-Vice-President