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First Step After Abuse

First Steps After Abuse: Your Guide to Safety and Empowerment

If you or someone you love is confronting the aftermath of domestic violence, know that Abuse Alternatives is here to provide a supportive path to safety, stability, and healing. With over 35 years serving the community, we understand the courage it takes to take those initial steps. Below you’ll find essential guidance on navigating this crucial time.

Immediate Safety: Call Our 24/7 Crisis Hotline

Available day and night, our 24/7 Crisis Hotline is your first point of contact. Trained advocates offer an empathetic ear, critical resources, and immediate intervention, making a significant difference at a moment’s notice.

Legal Support: Court Advocacy and Information

Encountering the legal system can be daunting. Our court advocacy services guide survivors through the necessary steps, including obtaining protective orders and accompanying you to proceedings for moral and legal support.

Healing and Recovery: Support Groups and Counseling

Connect with others who understand your experience through our support groups, or seek individual counseling to help process and heal in a confidential and caring environment.

Long-Term Assistance: Outreach Advocacy

Our outreach advocates are dedicated to assisting you beyond the initial crisis, offering information, referrals, and ongoing support as you rebuild your life free from violence.

Community Connection: Education and Awareness

For organizations looking to foster a more informed community, Abuse Alternatives provides presentations tailored to groups and companies. Reach out to us for more details.

Become a Beacon of Hope: Volunteer and Support

Join our mission by volunteering or providing much-needed supplies and monetary gifts. Your contribution can change lives and impact over two thousand five hundred children and countless adults on their journey to safety.

We're Here Because We Care

With an economic impact measured in trillions and a legacy rooted in empowerment, Abuse Alternatives is a beacon of hope for survivors. Our free services nurture the steps you take from crisis to confidence.
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