Abuse Alternatives, Inc.
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Our Mission

Providing quality services to the community so that all people might have a life free of domestic violence.


Who We Are…

Abuse Alternatives, Inc. has over 35 years experience providing comprehensive, confidential services to survivors of relationship abuse/violence. Our 24/7 Hotline provides support and access to services with staff who specialize in dealing with relationship violence/abuse issues.

It is the philosophy of Abuse Alternatives, Inc. that all humans have the right to live violent free lives, free from abuse and the threats of abuse. Abuse Alternatives, Inc. recognizes that violence within intimate relationships consists of the use of force and/or threats to achieve and maintain control over others. We acknowledge that all forms of abuse are violations of basic human rights. Therefore, Abuse Alternatives is committed to initiate and support changes in social systems and attitudes through service and education.

Abuse Alternatives, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that provides services regardless of gender, race, national origin, education, age, ability, sexual orientation, class or religious preference.