Abuse Alternatives, Inc.

Emergency Shelter

A Sanctuary of Safety and Support

Emergency Shelter Services - Accessible Anytime

At Abuse Alternatives, we extend a safe haven to those grappling with the impacts of domestic violence. Our Emergency Shelter service is more than just a place—it’s a refuge where healing begins, and it’s available to you 24/7.

Your Safety is Our Promise

Our Emergency Shelter offers:

Serving Our Community

Proudly serving residents of Bristol, TN/VA, Washington County, VA, and Upper Sullivan County, TN, Abuse Alternatives is committed to offering a lifeline to those in urgent need.

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Supported by Generosity

Funding from organizations like the Tennessee Department of Criminal Justice Program, the Virginia Department of Social Services, and the United Way of Bristol play a crucial role in keeping our doors open. We are immensely grateful for their support—and yours.

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In times when home isn’t safe, find sanctuary with us. There’s no need to wait another moment.

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