Abuse Alternatives, Inc.

Information & Referrals

Empowering Lives with Information & Referral Services at Abuse Alternatives

At Abuse Alternatives, we understand that navigating the maze of resources available for domestic violence survivors can be overwhelming. That’s why our Information & Referral Services are designed to provide you with clear, accessible paths to the assistance you need.

Your Comprehensive Support Network

Immediate Assistance Through Our 24/7 Crisis Hotline

Available round-the-clock, our hotline advocates offer immediate support, answer questions, and direct you to the appropriate services, whether you’re in immediate danger or just beginning to seek help.
Crisis Hotline:

Emergency Shelter - A Safe Haven

Our Emergency Shelter is more than just a place to stay. It’s a refuge that provides safety and comfort for you and your children, offering a secure environment as you plan your next steps.

Outreach Advocacy - Personal Support Tailored for You

We extend personal support through our Outreach Advocacy program, connecting you with community resources, assisting with individual crisis intervention, and facilitating access to legal and social services.

Join a Community of Support

Heal and grow with others who understand your journey. Our Support Groups are safe spaces where you can share your experience and gain strength from the community.

Spreading Knowledge and Awareness

We keep the wider community informed through our Community/Professional Education and Awareness programs, creating a knowledgeable society ready to support and prevent domestic violence.

Make a Difference - Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are the backbone of our mission. Whether you can spare a few hours or make a substantial commitment, find purpose in helping others through our flexible volunteer opportunities.

Accessible to Everyone

We proudly serve every individual facing domestic violence—regardless of gender, sexual orientation/preference, race, national origin, education, age, class, or religion—all without charge.

Support Our Mission

Your contributions, whether monthly supplies or monetary donations, are crucial for sustaining our life-changing services. Support us in making a difference!

Funded by a Strong Coalition

Our operations are made possible thanks to funding from esteemed organizations such as the Tennessee Department of Criminal Justice Program, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, United Way of Bristol, and more, ensuring consistent, quality support for those we serve.
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