Abuse Alternatives, Inc.

Comprehensive Community Outreach Services by Abuse Alternatives

At Abuse Alternatives, we’re dedicated to not only providing immediate support but also fostering a community where domestic violence is actively prevented and awareness is widespread. Through our outreach services, we aim to empower individuals and encourage a collective stand against domestic violence.

Join Us in Making a Difference


Inclusivity at Our Core

Our doors are open to all, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, race, national origin, education, age, class, or religion. We believe in supporting every individual’s journey towards a life free from violence.

Spreading Knowledge and Awareness

Education is a powerful tool in our fight against domestic violence. Abuse Alternatives offers community and professional educational programs aimed at:

Get Involved with Our Mission

There are many ways to get involved with Abuse Alternatives and support our vision:

Gratitude to Our Sponsors

We are grateful for funding from the Tennessee Department of Housing, Virginia Department of Social Services, and other key partners who believe in our cause.

Reach Out for More Information

To learn more about our outreach efforts or how you can be a part of them, get in touch:

24/7 Crisis Hotline: 423-764-2287 or 800-987-6499 TTY/Hearing Impaired: 423-652-9750

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