Abuse Alternatives, Inc.

Our Mission

Providing quality services to the community so that all people might have a life free of domestic violence.

Our Mission

Our mission is unwavering: to provide comprehensive interventions and support services that empower victims of domestic violence regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. We envision a community where domestic violence is not tolerated and where all people can enjoy a life of dignity and respect, free from abuse.
Abuse Alternatives, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that provides services regardless of gender, race, national origin, education, age, ability, sexual orientation, class or religious preference.

Our Mission at Abuse Alternatives

At the heart of Abuse Alternatives lies a core commitment: to facilitate a life free from the grip of domestic violence for every individual. We stand as a pillar in the community, acting as both shield and sanctuary for those who fall prey to domestic abuse. Our mission is to deliver exceptional services tailored to the unique needs of every person who seeks our help.
Domestic violence knows no boundaries—it can touch lives regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, nationality, educational background, age, economic class, or religious belief. At Abuse Alternatives, we recognize the diverse experiences of victims and survivors and are dedicated to offering inclusive and accessible services that affirm and respect the dignity of each person.
Understanding that domestic violence is a complex issue requiring a comprehensive response, we’ve designed our services to be holistic and far-reaching. From prevention education and advocacy to emergency shelter and long-term support, our objective is to address all forms of domestic violence head-on.

Empowering Victims and Survivors

Our services extend beyond immediate crisis intervention. We are deeply invested in empowering victims and survivors on their journey toward healing and autonomy. By providing resources like court advocacy, safety planning, and counseling, we endeavor to equip individuals with the tools they need to rebuild their lives on a foundation of safety and self-determination.

A Community Free from Violence

The vision of a community free from domestic violence guides our efforts. This vision propels us to engage the community directly through awareness campaigns, partnerships, and educational programs designed to dismantle the societal structures that enable and perpetuate domestic violence.

Service Without Prejudice

Our unwavering principle is to serve without prejudice. We uphold the belief that every person has the right to live without fear of harm or coercion. We endeavor to create an environment where our clients feel heard, validated, and supported as they navigate their unique challenges.Our mission at Abuse Alternatives is not just about responding to crises; it’s about fostering a sustained change that echoes throughout our community and beyond. It is a commitment to nurturing hope, promoting justice, and inspiring a collective movement towards a future where domestic violence is an unacceptable relic of the past.
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